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When should you start looking for childcare?

1. Childcare Providers 2. Types of Childcare Available 3. When Should You Look For Childcare?
4. Choosing Childcare 5. Help With Childcare Costs 6. Registered and Unregistered Childcare
7. Childcare outside Lincolnshire 8. Childcare for School aged Children

3. Looking for Childcare

Start looking for childcare as soon as you know you may need a place for your child.  Many parents begin before their child is born.

Finding a place for a child under two can sometimes be difficult, as child carers are usually limited to the numbers they are able to care for compared to older children.

Some childminders keep waiting lists for younger children due to demand and the limited registered places available.

Don’t forget – you are the expert about your child and you know them best.  Always trust your own feelings and judgements.

There are lots of child carers listed on the Family Services Directory but if you need any further help finding a child carer near you, or whether you have any other questions, please call the Family Information Service on 0800 195 1635 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm or email


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What Types of Childcare are Available?
Choosing Childcare
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