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Support to care leavers with children

Your Leaving Care Worker will work with you and any other agencies involved to identify:

  • your accommodation options;
  • your support needs;
  • any needs linked to your pregnancy and / or children.

We already have an excellent pathway in place where your Leaving Care Worker with your consent can refer you into your local Children’s Centre. We’ve got some good examples where young people have benefitted from attending antenatal classes prior to baby’s birth and then been able to continue using the Children’s Centre once baby has arrived.

We will assess your support needs and when appropriate refer you onto other organisations should further specialist assessments be required.

Examples of how your Leaving Care Worker may offer support include:

  • involved in support needs assessments to ensure young people are prepared for the birth of their baby;
  • exploring support networks both prior to and after baby is born to ensure baby’s welfare remains a priority;
  • support to access appropriate benefits through strong links with Jobcentres across the county.

For more information about how Lincolnshire Leaving Care can support care leavers with children, contact Barnardo's on 01522 575955 or speak to your Leaving Care Worker.

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