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Help with Health Costs

Your child can get information on help with health costs (prescriptions, sight tests, NHS dental treatment) on the Direct Gov website.

They will also be able to get free prescriptions, NHS dental treatment and free sight tests if they get:

They also get this help if they claim tax credits, their income for their tax credit award is no more than £15,276, and they get one of the following:

If your child qualifies through tax credits they should be sent an exemption certificate.

Your son or daughter will get help with health costs if they are under 16, or under 19 and in full-time education.  If they leave education after age 16, they might still qualify because of the benefits they recieve.  It's also possible to get free prescriptions because of certain conditions.  You can get more information about these from Direct Gov.

If help with health costs is important to you, this is another thing to consider when you are deciding what to do as your young person gets older.  Even if you don't qualify for full help, you may be able to get some help because you are on low income, through the NHS low income scheme.  There is information about how to apply for this on the Direct Gov website.

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