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Transitions Pathway

What is the Transitions Pathway?

  • The transitions pathway was designed and co-produced with children and young people in accordance with the SEND Reforms. It focusses on young people ages 14-25; at a time when they start preparing themselves for making important choices beyond school, for the future.
  • The transitions pathway will link to the EHC Plan for those who have one, building on existing EHCP outcomes, with the focus on preparation for adulthood.
  • The pathway is designed to move away from an educational focus with a person centred approach to enable children and young people to have better life outcomes including
    • good health and wellbeing,
    • meaningful employment,
    • independent living and housing,
    • friends,
    • relationships and
    • community inclusion
  • Transitions planning must be initiated in Year 9 for those children/young people with an EHC plan as a statutory requirement. We recommend that the pathway is used as a best practice tool regardless of whether the child/young person has an EHC plan or not. Only EHC related pathways will be subject to the Local Authority scrutiny and review however.

  • Discussions relating to transitions should start taking place as early as Year 5-6; with Year 9 transitions planning having the statutory focus.

  • The pathway should be reviewed and updated every year subsequently after Year 9; during the annual review. 

  • Transitions planning process is a continuous and evolving process which should reflect the journey of the child/young person.

  • The pathway should ensure that any significant change points impacting on the life of the child/young person, (e.g.Move within school, moving home, loss of a loved one etc.) is accurately recorded in the pathway.

To see the transitions pathway please visit LCC Preparing For Adulthood webpage or download the document from useful documents.

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