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Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)

Lincolnshire is covered by four NHS clinical commissioning groups (known as CCGs).

A CCG brings together local GP practices as members of the organisation and, alongside other NHS workers, it plans and helps to shape local health services for the people who are registered as patients of those GP practices.

CCGs are responsible for spending a large portion of the NHS budget for local health services.  Each CCG has a governing body of GPs, other health professionals, lay members (members of the public) and NHS staff and together the organisation is responsible for:

  • Planning secondary care (going into hospital) and community health services based on the needs of local communities and to ensure the best use of available resources;
  • Co-commissioning some primary care services (those at the GP practice or outside of hospital);
  • Monitoring the quality of the services and care provided to patients, which includes listening to the experiences of the people who use services;
  • Working in partnership with local authorities and NHS England which also commission some health services.

For more information on the work of CCGs and for details about ways to get involved, please visit the relevant CCG's website:

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