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Medical Funding Guidance

Medical funding is available for school age children/young people whose needs have changed significantly due to medical reasons; it is used to fund short term interventions to ensure consistency of access to education.

The Local Authority will consider providing funding for two full terms (24 weeks) as an interim measure; thereafter it is expected that the child/young person will be able to resume access to their educational environment.

In the event that barriers to accessing education remain after two terms, a resubmission for medical funding will be required.

All medical funding requests will be considered at the next available allocation meeting; these are held every Monday afternoon.

In the first instance, all educational settings are required to use their best endeavours to meet the needs of children and young people.


When providing information for a request, the educational setting must evidence the following:

  1. Description of the child/young person's current medical needs;
  2. Professional advice;
  3. Details of the current support and reasonable adjustments already made including a copy of the child/young person’s current school individual healthcare plan;
  4. The outcomes sought by the educational establishment for the child /young person;
  5. What additional support the educational establishment feels is required which cannot be provided through its ordinary resources to remove barriers and achieve outcomes.
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